Nha Nhac – Hue royal Court Music

Nha Nhac or The Hue royal Court Music is feudal court music which is shown in the important festivals in the year under the Vietnam Nguyen Dynasty.

The Hue royal Court Music has been recognized as masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible humanity by UNESCO in 2003.

The initial foundation of Nha Nhac began conceiving in the 17th century but it only reached the peak at the Hue Court under the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). The Court Music was officially formed along with the rise of Nguyen Dynasty in the early 19th century.  Hue Court Music has been introduced inside and outside Vietnam.

The meaning of the term Court Music is different in different periods, but in generally it still remains the official music of the court.

The Court music is only existed in two orchestras namely:  General Music and Elementary Music.

The General Music is very important orchestras in royal music system. It is a solo performance with the most important process in the official ceremonies such as: Nam Giao Festival, International Shrine, Great Dynasty, etc. This is a large orchestra. Musical instruments are mainly drums and trumpets.

The Elementary Music: The songs of Elementary Music are more stable than general songs. All the music brings cool colors. They are often performed in the imperial banquet, Tet holiday.  Songs can be accessible to the people heart, they not so solemn or sorrow as general songs. Its volume is not too big as general music sound. Many Elementary Music songs have the lyrics.

Nha nhac is genre of scholarly music. It attracted the participation of many talented songwriters and musicians, with numerous traditional musical instruments.

For long, Nha Nhac, Vietnamese Court Song has been preserved. It is going to be enhanced and popularized to the world.

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