Thai’s Xoe Dance

Xoe dance is an important collective dance of Thai people. It is a cultural folk form of the Thai that is passed through many generations. Xoe dance is an indispensible spirit food for the Thai people.

The origin of “Xoe” dance

In 10th  century, the Thai migrated to Vietnam. At that time, human being had to face with many challenges as nature, dangerous anmials.  In the task of defending the country, all villagers drive away the aggressors and then together enjoy victory. They dance and sing around the fire. According to the old people, these dances form “Xoe” dance of later.

The Xoe dance is folk dance reflecting labor life and the struggle of human for survival between man and natural life. It symbolizes the Thai people’s vitality in the struggle against foreign aggressors.  The dance represents the dream of a peaceful life, prosperity and happiness

Cong and Cóng are used in the “Xoe”. Cong is about 1m long made of buffalo leather,  dimension of 4,5metres. Cóng is 1,5-3metres long, 5-7metres in diameter. Music palys an important role in the dance.

Clothing in Xoe dance

When the dance starts, all girls wear black skirt with silver key chain, with silver buttons, colourful “pieu” scarf which all make xoe dance striking and splendid.

The dance plays an important role in the Thai life and their own traditional culture. It is very exiting if visitors have a chance to participate a night of xoe dance, where beautiful and graceful Thai girls dance and sing in their own language.

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