Doan Ngo Festival

According to ancient opinion, Doan Ngo Festival is also called Doan Duong Festival. Doan means the start, Ngo can be understood as noon or the seventh animal of the Chinese zodiac- the horse.

Besides, the Doan Ngo festival is also known as Tet Sau Bo (Worms Festival) or May Festival, which to be celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

On the day of “Worms Festival”, people often get up early, eat sticky and fruits. The worshipping is held at noon. After killing insects, children sit on the bed and start dying their nails.

Banh U and Com Ruou (rice wine) are often eaten in this festival. Banh U is pyramidal sticky rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves. Com Ruou (rice wine) are little balls of fermented rice bathed in wine.

Seu Custom is one of the most important customs of the Doan Ngo Festival. The day is a chance for children to shows their respect for their parents, students for teachers, or patients for doctors.

The students often do not have pay money to the teachers. Therefore, in that festival the students bring baskets of rice, geese, tea, or fruit to show their respect for their teachers. Former students also not forget to visit their old teachers on this occasion.

The patients have been cured, although drugs’ fee were paid, they did not forget doctors’ favor.  Therefore, the patients often bring gifts as: green beans, rice, geese, birds, etc to the doctor’s home, in the Doan Ngo Festival.

Though passing many years, the Doan Ngo Festival still be existed in Vietnamese people’s hearts as a beautiful tradition.

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