Festivals in Da Lat

Embroidery Festival

Annually, on lunar June 12th, 13th people in Da Lat city organize the festival to the remark the contribution of Mr. Le Cong Hanh, embroidery founder. It is also the festival of embroidery artists and workers.

On the main road into the Valley of Love, resorts “Da Lat and the arts” are arranged from high to low levels as hilly terrain of Dalat’s mountain, with ancient architecture, royal style, with plenty of unique and harmonious wood roofing tile rooms.  Visiting here, visitors have a chance to see elaborate and unique hand-embroidered paintings by the artist, the workers, along with tools and materials to create them.

The commemoration ceremonies are divided into 2 parts, in the ceremony, visitors will find the solemn air ceremony to the pilgrims worship the embroidery of the artists, artisans and craftsmen. Festival is the main part; it is vibrant, carnival-like domain and three gastronomic dishes of ethnic minority highland. During the flower festival, people are free to admire beautiful and unique of Dat Lat’s flowers. Wine festival brings a little warmth to visitors when the sun falls the dew.
At night, programs such as poetry nights, concerts nights, fashion shows and so on create amusing atmosphere. During the annual commemoration festival, gold hands contest attract many people.

Here, artists and craftsmen come from different places together show their talents, we can see by our own eyes each fussy and complicated step to make embroidery picture.

Da Lat Flower Festival

It is the first time Da Lat’s flowers are blooming in a festival dedicated to them. The launch of more than 200 species of flowers will be an important step towards an international “Flower Festival 2005″, bringing back DaLat to the dream name: City of Eternal Spring.Listen

Read phonetically

For tourists visited Dalat once times and if they came back this city during the Da Lat flower festival they were surprised because of the beauty of flowers. Along the main streets of downtown are brilliantly colored flowers of all kinds: colico red flowers, yellow, pink, white, purple Forget Me Not; white Margarita chrysanthemum, and lotus land, dwarf sunflowers, coral sauci flowers, flowers colorful fireworks. It is a natural and lively picture with flowers on the street.

Each intersection, there is a tower flowers with different shapes. More than 170 flower pots, each pot from 25 to 27 baskets of flowers are scattered on the streets. City government supports people to grow flowers in gardens; decorate flower pots on the balcony, porch, in hotel lobbies, restaurants,etc. The number of pots is over 20,000 kinds

Symphony of colors

Exhibit colors is the largest scale both quantity and types of flowers. Over magnificent 10 baskets with 4,000 pots placed along the port. Only two blocks from the gate to the flower exhibition has consumed nearly 35,000 wolf muzzle flowers, Pence, and so on with yellow, purple, red, white colors, etc. In addition, there are the presences of 400 pots Cymbidium, 300 dragon bones, over 300 rock works and more than 1,000 bonsai species. The artists in Da Lat, Lam Dong Province and some neighboring brought them to the exhibition.

DaLat Flower Festival is the opportunity to build a brand Dalat vegetables, flowers, and to introduce the potential for domestic travelers and international tourists. It is also a chance for Da Lat to demonstrate the strength and its charm.

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