Harvest Festival

After harvesting the rice crops, the Harvest Festival is held by every family of Phu Yen ethnic minorities.

The festival takes place in center place or spiritual one, which is attached to a historical event or a hometown’s legend.

The Harvest Festival’s purpose gives thanks to the rice gods, pray for the villages’ peace, and hope for better new crop. During the Harvest Festival, the Phu Yen people also their worship parents, ancestors.

All contributions to celebrating the festival such as money, material are voluntary of people in the villages. The festival is organized as the Buddhist’s rites, so there is always a painting or statue Buddha which is placed at center place.

The monks were invited to recite, preach. The ceremony usually takes place from one to three days depending on conditions of each locality. On this occasion, every people often sit down to talk with each other about social activities in area. Young people have chance to meet and enjoy the arts.
In this festival people drums, sing songs and dance, enjoy themselves and drink rice alcohol overnight. Agricultural shows, cultural programs, buffalo races, and traditional games are also held. There is fun and feasting throughout the festival. After the festival, everyone has a hope on a coming bumper crop.

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