Vietnam traditional handicraft village

Vietnam traditional handicraft village has been existed for a long time. It is famous for traditional handicraft products, source of cultural pride.

Vietnam Handicraft Products has its own unique features. Products’ name is always named after the name of the village making ​​them.

The handicraft products are both objects of normal daily activities and social culture arts.

The village is an environment of culture, economic and society. The essence of arts is reserved and passed from generation to generation.

Traditional villages have enriched Vietnam’s cultural tradition. There are many types of handicraft products. Some of them have been internationally recognized and popularized such as lacquer ware.

Besides, ceramic and porcelain items have been produced in Vietnam for a long time. These products glazed by traditional methods into beautiful art are well known in Bat Trang (Hanoi), Dong Trieu, Thanh Ha (Quang Ninh), and Haiphong.

Visiting Vietnam, visitors can enjoy a bowl of green tea of the North, Xiem coconut of the South and hear Quan Ho or Cai Luong singing. You will certainly have a strong impression on Vietnam country.

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