Vietnamese Folk Games

A folk game is an activity, usually used for enjoyment and sometimes also used as an educational tool. The games’ characteristics are fun, independent (limited location and time), not make profit. The players do not want to reach a specific material interest.

Shuttlecock kicking

The game is for children and students. Shuttlecock was made ​​from corn tassels, ago.  Presently, it is made from plastic or silk fabrics. There are two ways to play the shuttlecock, rock on foot (the most common way) or pushed by hand. Players often use both two feet to play it.

Play catch

How to play: All players sit in a circle. A person holds a towel go outside the circle and drop a towel behind the other children so that they do not know. If the person with the towel behind his back does not know, the person must stand.  If the person knows he must chase hold tower person out of the circle, lightly clap on the shoulder and chase them return to the old sitting position.

Jump rope

Girls’ games are from 10 to 15 years old. The game includes two or more people. One or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. If a player caught a mistake the play must go out and hold the wire instead of the other player and the game will be continued. Sometimes the game is played with two turning ropes, it is significantly more difficult.

Box jump game

It is rural girls’ game. A huge stone keeps the main role and ten smaller stones are subordinate role. A rectangle is drawn on the ground. There are a total of ten small cells. Put small stones on the cells, the player use big toe to put them to a cell then he jumps to the next cell.

Kite Play

The game is often played in summer, autumn, as it has strong wind. The kite has many different shapes: butterfly, fish, birds, etc. The kite has long string. The player must run to make power for kite. The kite, the most beautiful, strange shape will win, in kite flying contests.

Folk games are form of game developed by a group of people that reflects the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region.  Folk game is great play and a fun recreational activity for children.

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