Vietnamese wedding

Like many other countries, getting married is the right, the duty of every Vietnamese person. On the whole, the wedding procedures in Vietnam are more complicated than many other countries. Normally, there are 4 main steps in Vietnamese wedding ceremony:

traditional Vietnamese wedding

Firstly, seeking for a partner: in the past, parents help find partner for their own son or daughter. That’s why a lot of couples are forced to marry without love and understanding about each other. Nowadays, most of them have more freedom in finding and choosing their own partner.

Secondly, making proposal (betrothal ceremony): In the traditional proposal, the representative of groom’s family will come to the bride’s family to make proposal for their son. They usually bring with them wine, areca nuts and betel leaves (the symbol which can not be missed in such events), gifts of, tea, cake, fruits, wines and other delicacies covered with red cloth and carried by unmarried girls and boys. Both families agree to select a good day (according to Yin yang theory). In the modern proposal, like westerners, the groom will do before let his representative to come to the bride’s family.

Thirdly, legalizing their marriage with the authorities: The bride have got to ask for introduction paper by the authorities in her place and bring together with her Identification card coming to the authorities in the groom’s place. There the legal confirmation of their legal marriage is made.

Finally, celebrating the wedding: Like the proposal, the two families have to choose the good date (lunar calendar) to celebrate the wedding. It is the date when the marriage is recognized by the people in the families and in the local place.

A lot of guests would be invited to the two houses (mainly applied in the rural area) or in a restaurants (for urban families). In the wedding day, besides thanking the attendance of the guests, the couples are to do the first and foremost thing: asking for permission from their ancestor by standing in front the altar and then express their gratitude to the parents of both families.

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